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Property of Deepness

“Property of Deepness – Deepness of Property” deals with concepts related to gender, boundaries and property. While investigating from a post-colonial perspective the relations between power and gender, I combine interdisciplinary techniques such as video, photography and sculpture in
order to achieve a deep and comprehensive description of the issue. By establishing a connection in the exhibition between the turkish military slogan “Border is an Honour”, the wordplay in the turkish term Çarşaf and excerpts from a Hollywood movie with castration as a main subject, I take
the discussion from specific geographical boundaries to the global patriarchic mechanisms attempting to control gender.

– Digital Prints.
– Turkish military slogan hudut namustur, “border is an honour”
– Çarşaf (turkish for bed sheet, but also head scarf, cigarette paper) made of cigarette papers attached with saliva. – Videoprojektion film “Farinelli” (Il Castrato).